Crooked Creek Farm

High Quality All Natural Meat


Save on natural meat with weekly specials

.We raise different breeds of cows. Get great savings on our all-natural meat with weekly advertised specials including individual items or create your own bundles. Large portions can also be ordered for parties, open houses and holidays.


Everything is preordered. Order Tuesday by 6pm for pickup Fridays 5:00pm - 6:00pm or Saturdays 8:00am - noon. Quarters and halves take approximately two to three weeks.

Know where your meat comes from

Caldwell's Crooked Creek Farm offers meat cut to customer’s specifications, as well as a personal experience with their butcher. The Caldwells raise their own feed and animals have 24/7 access to grass. The meat is also cut fresh weekly.

Place an order

 - Buy a beef, pork or chicken package

 - Order beef or pork halves  


 - Choose a sampler or combo pack

"It’s our living, it’s our fun, it’s our everything.”

Jim Caldwell grew up on a dairy farm, went to work with Kroger and became a head meat cutter. After owning a couple butcher shops and living on a farm he started Crooked Creek Farm with his wife, Genny. The Caldwells love farming and raising great-tasting meat for their customers.

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